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US National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1(800) 799-7233
Guyana National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 011-592-227-3454 or 225-4731

Reach a CADVA representative:
US 917-399-5764
US 407-404-0331
Guyana 011-592-682-2292

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CADVA, INC. was founded by Sukree Boodram, author of Break Out. She was a victim of domestic violence who eventually changed her situation by empowerment and perseverance. Through healing and recovery she has committed to helping others to “break their silence”, create healthier choices, and become empowered survivors. Our goal is to empower victims to know they deserve better treatment from those who claimed to have loved them.

We are lead by individuals with a passion for this cause whose primary purpose is to build public awareness, educate, develop and teach a sense of self-worth. We provide counseling, training and other related services to victims of abuse and their families. All employees, directors and agents of CADVA, INC. will be reviewed and approved by the board of directors and appointed trustees. The character of this organization will be recognized as one which provides unselfish support to victims and their families.

We are currently focused in the US and Caribbean, where large pockets of cultural demographics exist, and where domestic violence is not openly discussed or help not easily found. Many of these areas may already have existing agencies that provide services to victims and their families, however, the outreach between those agencies and the community needs reinforcement. We exist to partner up with agencies already in existence to bring more help to victims and their families.

With help from donations, funding, charitable contributions, fundraising events and partners, we would like to be able to bring these sessions to communities that desperately need them. We can no longer look at this issue from a bird’s eye view or from a macro-level. We have to address it from the ground or micro-level if we want to see any change in this epidemic.

About our Founder:

Sukree BoodramSukree Boodram was born into a Hindu family in Guyana. Boodram came to the US in 1983 and married in New York in 1987 then relocated to Florida, along with her husband in 1989. While in Florida, she attended University of Central Florida and graduated with a Bachelors Degree major in accounting. She continued on towards a post graduate degree and obtained her MBA. She is a licensed CPA. Her primary career has been in Corporate Accounting and Management for over 25 years, where she focuses on developing and leading teams and projects to success. Boodram is divorced from her former husband, an alcoholic abuser and is a single mother to her two children. She made the bold decision several years ago to advocate against domestic violence in our communities globally using her personal story. As a result of her experience, she published her story in her book; Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism. This is My Story, as well as a documentary; Voice of a Survivor which has been used primarily to educate and bring awareness on the domestic violence platform. She founded CADVA (Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness) and been doing work in various parts of the US and Caribbean to help combat this epidemic. Boodram served on the CADVA board as President from 2011-2013. She was instrumental in bringing life and recognition to this organization and its mission. Boodram embraces her Hindu culture and tradition while standing up and advocating against domestic abuse in order to bring an end to this epidemic, by breaking her silence and redefining social expectations on the platform of abuse. She plans to continue to support CADVA in an administrative role while working on her next novel. In addition, Boodram is currently seeking a degree in Psychology and plans to continue her advocacy against domestic violence along with her current career in Accounting and Management.

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