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US National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1(800) 799-7233
Guyana National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 011-592-227-3454 or 225-4731

Reach a CADVA representative:
US 917-399-5764
US 407-404-0331
Guyana 011-592-682-2292

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About Our Services

This organization is in its infancy stages, and will grow to fit the need of our community. We are looking to grow financially and increase representation from volunteers who are passionate about this cause. For now, if help is needed in any area, please call or email us.


(407) 404-0331 (US)
(917) 399-5764 (US)
011-592-682-2292 (GUYANA)

We will work with you and provide the right resources to use in helping to champion change towards a healthier choice. We can provide the help, guidance, and services to a victim, but it is ultimately their choice to embrace the help and make a change. Not everyone is ready at the same time. Some victims take longer and after many trials. We understand and embrace those differences.

Currently, our liaison service is limited to Florida, New York, and Guyana. We hope to expand those services as more volunteers come on board and as the financial health of CADVA, INC. improves.

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Services for Victims

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$7,510 / $25,000

Your donation goes directly to programs and events designed to help people deal with and help combat domestic violence at it’s source

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