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The Babita Sarjou doll.

The Babita Sarjou doll.

The Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awarness (CADVA) organisation has unveiled a miniature sculpture of domestic violence victim, Babita Sarjou, whose skeletal remains were found earlier this year in a shallow grave in her husband’s backyard.

Sarjou’s remains were found by police near a fence and alleyway drain at Seaforth Street Campbelville. Her reputed husband, Anand Narine, and an alleged co-accused were subsequently charged with murder. Babita was reported missing in 2010.
The sculpture was unveiled at a forum held by CADVA at the Pegasus Hotel in line with the 16 days of global activism to end violence against women and children from November 25 to December 10. The doll, sculpted by Brazilian sculptor Julianna Lepine, took one month to complete, according to CADVA’s Programme Director Dianne Madray.
Babita’s younger sister, Sunita, spoke at the forum of the sadness still felt when thinking of Babita and how she met her demise. A visibly teary Sunita said to her nephew, Babita’s son who is now ten years old, “we love you very much and we are always here for you. You are the gift from your mother and we are always here to cherish you.”
“Children are suffering in silence because we do little or nothing to help. We ignore their cries through their behaviour,” CADVA’s Guyana representative, Tiffany Jackson, said in her presentation at the forum held in a section of the Savannah Suite. “It is heartbreaking to listen to the stories of individuals who continue to suffer in silence.”
Madray called for a break in the silence of families and victims affected by domestic violence. She said a child left behind when one parent kills another is left in silence because they’ve actually lost both their parents.
CADVA’s statistics suggests some 114 women and children have been killed in Guyana from 2010 to 2014. The organisation is still compiling its statistics on 2015, but nothing as yet is available on 2016.
The programme featured child survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner violence who shared their stories of losing their parents.
Tuesday, March 8 was a sad day for my sister and I,” one young male survivor recalled. “On that day, we lost our loving mother and kind-hearted mother (name withheld).”
His mother was murdered by his stepfather.
“My mother worked several jobs in order to maintain our home and my stepfather never worked anywhere as he was always drunk and abusive,” the young survivor recalled.
“After my mother’s death, we started living with our grandfather. My sister is still going to school, and I have to work. We find it very difficult without our mother. she never let us know the pain and anger that she was going through. I miss my mother a lot.”
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With April dedicated to sexual violence awareness, an amalgamation of non-governmental organizations gathered yesterday at Carifesta Avenue in front of the Crime Chief’s office armed with their placards as they carried out a peaceful protest.

Representatives of Help and Shelter, Red Thread, Citizens Against Rape (CAR), Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA), Partners for Peace and Development, AGAPE Network, Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA), Caribbean One Billion Rising, and Rainbow House all showed up to show their support. The some 40 persons stood in front of the Police Headquarters, Eve Leary.

Roxanne Myers, coordinator of the ‘Stand Up’ event highlighted the need for more efficient and reliable ways to handle and process cases. “Who can imagine a body can be dumped in a public place like a seawall? That means the perpetrators have no respect for the law and think they can do whatever they want,” she stated as she pointed to the urgent need for the police force to take on the responsibility it has been neglecting over the years.

Protestors with placards                                                                                                                                   Protestors with placards

Coordinator Roxanne Myers holding a placard

“I am not an activist, I’m a citizen,” a participant of the event pointed out as he explained there has been a recommendation for a special victims unit (SVU) since the Sexual Offences Act was amended and five years later there still isn’t any word of it.

CAR member Dr Raquel Thomas-Caesar highlighted the need for young boys and girls to be better educated when it comes to sexual and domestic abuse. “People have this idea that only a stranger on the road can hold you up in a corner and rape you, but that’s not true. Sometimes it’s the people who are closer to you, and even in your own house that these things can happen. The kids need to know what consent is, rape, domestic abuse, they have a right to know and the right to say no,” she expounded.

Participants at the activity included the weeping mother of Babita Sarjou, who is still pleading for answers on her daughter’s disappearance over four years ago.

Babita Sarjou’s mother holding a Placard



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Howey In The Hills, FL, February 17, 2015 –(– The U.S based Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness organization (CADVA) and Caribbean One Billion Rising are coming together for International Women’s Day in Guyana, South America beginning with a Women Speaker Series-Sister to Sister Circle on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 and a Luncheon to be held at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana. March 9th, 2015 an Artistic presentation of music, spoken words and drama honoring several local women with a Red Revolution Gala at the National Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Guyana honoring women under the theme: “Let the Women Speak: The Revolution Unveiled.” Participants are from various demographics, including the US.CADVA’s joins One Billion Rising across the Caribbean with Risings for the Revolution theme which has already begun with the Y3K group from Guyana who performed in the NYC Uprising event on Saturday, February 7th, 2015
CADVA continues to reach across our Caribbean and American demographics to ensure this message of hope, empowerment and prevention remains a central focus. A special tribute to the late Dr. Faith Harding will be held.Details of all events, including locations and times for guests are posted on the CADVA website at on the events page.CADVA is a US based Non-Profit Organization focusing on advocacy against Domestic and other forms of Violence by grass roots community efforts, partnering and involvement throughout the Caribbean Region and the Diaspora. Dianne Madray is the representative for Caribbean One Billion Rising as well as CADVA’s COO and Programme Director.

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Let the Women Speak: Revolution Unveiled 2015

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November 5, 2014 4:09 pm

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Missing: Babita Sarjou

[] – An application to reopen the cold case for missing mother of one, Babita Sarjou, will be made to the Guyana Police Force by Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness Association (CADVA) and Caribbean One Billion Rising Movement, as they seek to have the matter brought back into the courts.

The woman has been missing for the past four years and is the spouse of businessman, Anand Nandarine. She disappeared on November 04, 2011 after leaving her work place in West Rumiveldt with intent to meet her husband and son despite their separation.

iNews understands that the missing woman made a domestic violence report against her husband, who was charged in connection with the publication of pornographic images featuring his wife.

The case was dismissed for want of prosecution on July 05 2011.

Last evening, Regional Representative of CADVA, Diane Madray organized a candle light vigil for the missing woman, which saw the attendance of her relatives, scores of women and Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan.

The vigil commenced from the missing woman’s last place of residence – Sea Forth Street Campbellville – and ended at the seawalls.

Madray, after a meeting with Crime Chief, Leslie James today, Wednesday November 05 said she was promised that no effort will be spared to ensure all is done by the Guyana Police Fore this time around.Virgil CADVA

She told iNews that the application to reopen the case will be sent to the Police, after which it will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.

She added that the Crime Chief expressed great concern on the matter and even promised to look at the samples that were sent for DNA testing in Trinidad in 2011 but never returned.

CADVA has called for the woman’s husband to be looked at as a person of interest in the matter since he was abusive in many ways to his missing wife and angry when she took him to court.

She assured that they will not give up and called on all organizations to come on board and help them bring closure to the matter for the missing woman’s friends and family.

She also highlighted the fact that no search effort was made by the Police, nor the woman’s husband after she went missing and called for circumstantial evidence to be used in the court when they matter is taken up by the police.

The missing woman’s mother, Champa Sarjou called on mothers to be more vigilant and pay keener attention to their daughters who maybe in abusive relationships.

“I did not know how serious this abuse was until the fourth time she came home to us and told us that Annand had stripped her naked, beat her and dragged her. I told her not to go back, but she did not listen.”

Ramjattan joined the women last evening and promised to help with legal advice for this case to ensure the matter is brought to the court.

“We have to think of specialized legislation for persons who have disappeared and on that score we plan to ask the commonwealth whether there is going to be some blueprint legislation…that purposes with the necessary modifications and adaptions to apply to Guyana,” the AFC Leader said.

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